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Monday, march 24, 2014

Elecraft KX3

KXPA100 arrived from the States, took less than one hour to assemble it all
Works like a charm, including band data, swr etc.

I got mine without the ATU, don't need it, only sets you back another USD 250.

Tuesday january 28, 2014

Tentec Omni 6 plus

The situation in the shack right now featuring a Tentec Omni 6 plus.
Excellent reception, very good (and silent) qsk-cw, 250, 500, 1800, 2400 en 2800 hz filtering, dsp noise reduction and lots more.

saturday december 21, 2013

Updating the site has been slow of late, no excuses, just low on time. And then there are times you don't have much to tell. Work will stop in about a week, just before the new year. Now isn't that a nice prospect! Official retirement will be march 2014, but I got a substantial reservoir of days off. By that time I will be 63, and I hope to have a lot of fun from then on. My xyl is also planning to stop, just a few months later next year, so the two of us have all the time we need for walking, biking, painting, radio, holidays etc.

I cancelled the order for the KXPA100.

tuesday august 20, 2013

Today I sold the Kenwood TS480HX. New owner Bert collected it this afternoon and was very happy with it. At Elecraft they are working very hard on the KXPA100 and if all goes well, they should be ready to ship by the end of this month. There will be an update on the shipping status of the KXPA100 on the Elecraft website tomorrow.

sunday, august 04, 2013

KX3 in qso

Sunday afternoon I made several very nice CW-qso's on 40 mtrs from my garden. Sunny wx and 24 C.

KX3 in qso

Henk, here's the pic you required! And there's more to come!

KX3 in qso

Antenna made of DX-Wire, very sturdy and non-tangling.

KX3 in qso

The telescopic mast I hooked it onto. Very easy to set-up and very quickly too for that matter!

KX3 in qso

Notes from the qso's with PA1FOX/p, Alex at his holiday adres nr Breda and Henk, PA0EME, as usual very proficient on the bug. Excellent fist, mate!

sunday, july 28, 2013

KX3 in qso

First qso's with the new rig are very promising: cw is real joy with this little gem. QSK is like it should be, very smooth and no sound from relays or whatever!

thursday, july 25, 2013

Uitpakken KX3

Finally the new rig arrived: Elecraft KX3. Serial nr: 4766. The atmosphere got quite steamy, as you can see in the pic...

sunday, july 21, 2013

Begali Adventure

This is my new key: Begali Adventure. Serial nr: 120. Destination: hook up to an Elecraft KX3 and make loads of cw-qso's.

wednesday, july 17, 2013

Elecraft KX3

Yesterday I sold the Flex5000a to it´s happy new owner. Ofcourse the KX3 was ordered asap, and the good folks @Elecraft already shipped a package my way. (thanks Madelyn!) Now it's up to customs how long I'll have to wait. Previous order from Elecraft(K3) was held up for 6 days @Schiphol

Patience is a virtue. . . .

thursday, march 13, 2013


New backup rig: Kenwood TS480HX

sunday, january 13, 2013

SSN 13 jan 2013

Click for special page abt SSN

monday, december 24, 2012

Time for an update: exit K3 and enter Flexradio; Flex5000A. In the pic you see the main reason I decided to switch rigs: the overview of the band, including all kinds of signals, noises etc. This rig seems to be great on AM, both RX and TX. As you know, I'm not a microphone-type. Maybe gotta pick that up someday...

Click for larger format

wednesday, november 7, 2012

LL S_match

LL S_match

New aquisition: A PA0LL S-match tuner!

LL S_match

A beautiful instrument, working extremely well, very easily tuning my 2x28 mtrs dipole antenna with open feeders! Made by a real artisan, using only the best (handmade) components for this work of art!

Monday, oct. 1 2012

This is what it looks like when you put a bit of foam behind the contactstrips. Makes for way more solid keying. Click on the pic for larger view

Tuesday, sept. 25 2012

KDM Sideswiper

Another new aquisition: the KDM sideswiper.

KDM Sideswiper

KDM sideswiper without cover.

KDM Sideswiper

After watching Pete W5PEH's Youtube-video on the KDM, I fell in love with this very special key and decided to get me one. To that effect I have placed several ads, asking for any offers. In almost a year nobody has come forward with a great deal in mind.

So I was very pleased to read Valery's email, coming via the indespensible and ever-present Yann, F5LAW, in which Lery offered one of his KDM's for sale. We soon reached an agreement and the key arrived a few weeks later. Sadly enough the knob had broken off during transportation. The knobs material looks like a kind of bakelite and there were a lot of loose pieces in the parcel. One of the benefits of the space-age is superglue, which I put to good use, piecing it all together again. The overall effect is: if you don't know it, you don't see it. In these kind of situations, my grandfather used to say: "A blind farmer would gladly give yo a tenner if he could see it!"

But anyway, Valery told me these keys were made during the 1960's at The Test Factory "ЛМНИИП ММФ СССР". Mainly they were units of the shipboard radio set " Ёрш" ( for English ruff ) and others. They were very popular among radioofficers and at The Soviet Polar Stations. Sofar I haven´t been able to discover any more information about them, but I keep on looking and researching. Anyone who has a bit more knowledge about the KDM or the KDM-2 is kindly invited to drop me a line through the reflector or email.

The action is very light and precise and I have found the key is a real racer! But sideswiper-keying is supposed to be fun and not stressfull, so I keep it at 25 wpm. Only on rare occasions when I meet Sandy, I´ll give it a try at higher speeds.

Tuesday, jan. 3 2012


Another new arrival: the G3KHZ keyer. Pure nostalgia, even the colors are right! My old friend Rinus PA0BFN (SK) used to work a lot with this keyer on his TS820s

Click for key-pic's in larger format

Saturday, dec. 17 2011

Elecraft K 3

Finally made the switch TS590 out and enter the Elecraft K3. Definitively better!

Tuesday, dec. 06 2011

Begali HST

The Begali HST is very clever combination of a HiSpeed single lever key and a sideswiper. Some of the really fast guys reach speeds of over 60 wpm. I'm way out of the league, but trying to get a bit faster won't hurt. Single lever-action is rather different from squeezing technique, so it takes some getting used to. Nice to kill some time, practicing ;-)

Shack op 6 december

This is what my shack looks like, right now, waiting for the K3 to arrive. The main rig is a Weber Dual Bander. A formidable litlle bugger, that produces approx. 8 Watts of RF and has a remarkably good RX. Who needs a K3 anyway when you have the Weber?

Tuesday, okt. 25 2011


Here is the schematic diagram of my fully symmetrical antenna-tuner. As can be seen there are no balun's involved!

Annecke tuner

This is what's inside. I tried to lay it out as symmetrical as possible. Works like a charm and tunes my 2 x 28 mtr dipole to all bands, except 160 meters. (never mind that, it's an old men's band, I never go there, I´m still young, according to Grumpy....)

Wednesday, sept. 28 2011

Row, row, row your boat

Today we hired a boat and went on the trip we'd been talking about all summer long but never got round to, because of the bad weather.

You can see how beautiful nature can be. ( No, not me ;-)

Checking the s.w.r. on the antenna.

Trying to make a qso. Made only one, with my friend Wouter, PG2W and only partially. Probably chosen the wrong spot, too many trees around.

Too bad I couldn't get closer to the lake. But it was a situation like in the Louisiana swamps (infact, a Cajun came by with a dog...) one meter from the water's edge the seemingly firm soil turned into muddy waters.

Time to go home and get a cold beer.

the XYL also had a nice afternoon.

The XYL enjoyed the afternoon too!

Wednesday, august 31 2011

Tuesday, aug 23 2011

Another oldie, a gift from Rinus, PA0BFN.
The knob was missing, so I mounted a Begali Spark knob to try it out. Works fine with it.

wednesday august 17, 2011

New OLD key

Through Ebay I have scored a nice old straight key from J.H. Bunnell & Co. NEW YORK.U.S.A. As far as my key-archeology goes, this key was manufactured probably between 1881 and 1918. So it´s at least 93 and at the most 130 years old. For it's age, it's been remarkably well preserved and it still functions flawlessly. So don't worry if you hear me on the straight key, it's only temporary. (Must say it is a joy to pound away on it ;-)




The “Patented” remark on the lever seems to indicate it was an early production, later the name Bunnell appeared over the letter S

Had to try it out right away ofcourse, so I carried all the gear to the garden, hooked up some wire and a tuner and fired away. Made a number of very nice qrp-qso's and had a very good time outdoors!


Click for larger format

wednesday july 27, 2011

Cootie Nr 1 Version 2

Here we go again: building, changing, redesigning etc etc. Here are the (more or less...) final results

Cootie nr 1

Cootie Nr 2 Version 2

Cootie nr 2

Click for larger format

friday july 22, 2011

Cootie Nr 2 ! ! !

It's always a challenge building your own keys. Used materials: from my junkbox. Had an extra couple of them nice, big relaycontacts still lying around. They make the key almost noiseless!

Cootie nr 2

Click for larger format

Cootie nr 2

Click for larger format

saturday july 16, 2011

Cootie Nr 1 changed agn.

Gave the base a good sanding and painted it black (yes, ever since the Stones I love painting things black!). Shortened the contact-posts and the screws. Installed a better cable, etc....

Cootie nr 1 - modified

Click for larger format

Monday may 30, 2011

Cootie Nr 1 modified again.

Scored a pair of nice old relay-contacts for my h/b cootie. As Promised, here are some detailed pics.

Cootie nr 1 - modified

Cootie nr 1 - modified

Click for larger format

Monday may 23, 2011

Cootie Nr 1 modified.

Removed the saw-blade and mounted a piece of two-sided pcb with contacts that were saved from an old relay. Also tried to sand away the rough saw-cut; some of the guys seemed to resent it somewhat.... The fun of this home brew key is, you just keep fine-tuning and improving it. Ideas keep popping up and have to be implemented. Keeps you off the street and the pub!

Cootie nr 1 - modified

Click for larger format

Wednesday may 10, 2011

Here it is! The TWanger!

TWanger Cootie

Click for larger format

Sunday may 8, 2011

Another fine SSN (Sideswiper Net) tonight! All stations were 599, getting stronger by the hour! Thanks for letting me in with qrp (8 Watts from my Weber Dual Bander). Had no key present so had to make do with some pieces of wire! Thanks to Nigel for qsp!

Wednesday may 4, 2011

Homebrew Cootie

Click for larger format

Latest addiction: Cootie-keying. Here you see my home brew sideswiper.

Friday march 25, 2011

WDB in the garden

Click for larger format

Did a test today, using the WDB in my garden on 10 mHz. Max. 8 Watts powersupply was a batterypack from my Black & Decker at 14.4 volts, excellent performance! Antenna was abt 30 mtrs long, end fed thru an MFJ tuner.

Worked Keith, GW4OKT/P somewhere in North Wales on a hilltop as a Sota station. Very nice to have wkd u, Keith!

Biggest distance this afternoon was 1432 km to EW4IDP, Dima. Also very nice qso. Test ok, let the holidays begin!

Friday februari 25, 2011

Extra damper in Vibroplex

Click for larger format

A small tip for the Vibroplex-users among us: a little extra damper to avoid contact-bounce. Sometimes the Vibroplex makes the dits sound a bit scratchy. This little addition helps make your code more solid. Don't make the damper too big, this will decrease the adjustability. Have fun with the Vibroplex!

Thursday january 18, 2011

Kenwood TS590

Click for larger format

This year has started out very well: our new kitchen, and now the new HF rig Kenwood TS590. For a CW-addict this is a perfect radio. Very compact, excellent DSP, a super receiver (in the same league as Elecraft K3), very good ATU, world famous Kenwood Audio, excellent QSK and a superb internal keyer (up to 60 wpm)

Saturday january 15, 2011

Kent Twin Paddle - original

The Kent Twin Paddle is an indestructable nice little paddle, once it is adjusted to your liking you don't have to worry anymore.
One thing that bothers me though, and that's the quality of the funny black teaspoons that Kent mounted as paddles. Absolutely sub-standard for a key of this quality.
Here's a simple modification

Kent - modified

Kent - modified

Mounted a pair of Begali fingerpieces. Not easy to get the screws in the right places with only a hand drill and a loose vice
The Begali fingerpieces are relatively thick aluminium and do not bend, like Kent's original teaspoons!.

Sunday january 9, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone!

I moved the contents of last year to another page, the site was beginning to load slower, due to a very long page. Click the link in the left column to check what happened last year

I wasn't able to update this site for a while. We've been very busy, planning and building our new kitchen. Gave us lots of extra workspace and new equipment. See the pic's




CW is short for continuous wave and in modern amateurradio-talk means morse-telegraphy.

99.9% of my qso's are made in CW. I am not a key-collector, like a wood-craftsman has several hammers, I own several keys, each for it's purpose. Click on the SSN-logo to find a lot of info on Sideswiper-keys.

From top they are now: Begali Adventure, G3KHZ-keyer, homebrew Cootie; TWanger by Tom, G3HGE; the Kent Twin paddle; the “Anniversary Original“ semi-automatic Vibroplex

Begali Adventure


HomeBrew Cootie nr 2

TWanger nr 21

Kent Twin Paddle

Vibroplex Anniversary Original