Another remarkable Sideswiper Net!

As promised, here are some pic's and a 6 minute video of this event.

To your health, Geoff! Cheers mate!

Since I got the Flex5000a sdr-radio, a new world has opened! In the next few pictures I hope you will see what I mean and get just as enthusiastic about it

Until approx. 22:25 (LT) my xyl was watching tv. Since we got a Samsung Plasma-tv, the bands are swamped with interference whenever the darn thing is turned on!

Got to admit, sometimes I quite enjoy the wide screen, however when it's time for SSN, I hate it! Judge for yourselves. The first pic is when the plasma is switched on:

You can click on the image for a broader look at things

The amount of garbage is related to the brightness and colour on the tv-screen, I think. In the next pic you see much less interference.

In this moment the screen was bordered by big black areas, like when you're watching a wide screen movie, on top and below are wide black areas.


Next pic is when the tv is switched off:

AAAHHH! A clean band at last! If I had known this type of tv produces this much garbage on the bands, I doubt if we had bought it!

I'm very happy with the Flex5000a. There's less interference with it than was with the K3, and the rx-audio is much more pleasing to my ears.

It sounds very good, when listening thru the speakers (which btw are cheap Logitech Z130 pc-speakers). You need powered speakers with the Flex, since the only other option to hear the radio is thru the headphones-jack on the front of the cabinet. The pc I got for it is a dedicated one (only for Flexradio-purposes). Costs an extra € 125,- but you get rewarded by an excellent performance. The cpu is a Intel Core2Duo at 2330 mHz, 160 gB HD and 2 gB memory. It's a HP workhorse: DC7800 sff. Performance is very smooth and no glitches or spikes.

Towards the end of the SSN I made a short video (approx. 6 minutes). The band was beginning to change at that point in time, the sigs became more fluttered, like when the usual short-skip changes to long-skip.

Still I had a very good copy of both Yann and Bryan. Even the qrp-sigs of F8VOL came thru very well. Too bad the plasma was still on at that time, so it was very hard to read. Hope to meet you in better condx, Vas!


Here's the video, sorry for the poor quality, filming from my unsteady hand with my smart-phone HTC One X:


vy 73 and see you all soon!

Kees, PA3DEB